CONSTANTMOTIONFITNESS is proud to introduce a new series of programs to our offerings. These are designed for men and women of all ages and size who want to feel better about themselves, present themselves more positively and professionally, and have a positive impact on the folks around them. Visit to register for any of the programs below!

The Art of Posture and Positive Body Language (Poise and Presence) 

Our Program for Adult women of all ages was created by industry leader, Vanessa Raymond, who has performed on stages all around the world. This Victory Factor program shows you simple changes you can make in your everyday life to enhance your self-confidence and how to let your “inner beauty” shine.

The skills acquired in this workshop can help you feel more confident in professional and social settings as well as improve public speaking and general people skills. See how you can improve self and body image through healthy body image activities, posture correction exercises and the art of understanding body language. This program gives you tools you can use every day to feel empowered, energetic, and confident.

Tween2Queen Mother and Daughter Body Image Workshop

Any adult woman can tell you that by the time she was a teenager, she had doubts about her body and questioned her beauty. A strong role model is essential for a young girl to develop a positive mindset that will lift her self-esteem.  Mom’s and mentors create a new perspective and internal language with their young girls through movement, creative arts, and constructive dialogue.

Professional Vocal Image Workshop

This Workshop is ideal for anyone who has to use their voice on a daily basis. A confident, professional sounding voice projects your confident and beautiful self.  Whether it is for phone sales, Customer Service, or just to impress on a date or in the boardroom, this workshop is for anyone who wants to create a positive image by using vocal techniques.

This will also include some very effective networking techniques i.e., how to approach and introduce yourself to strangers in social or business settings and overcoming shyness.


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