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Our invitation is for you to find what thousands of others have found – the unravelling of blocked energy, a deepened connection to your true, authentic self, and the feeling of coming home. Blending free-flowing movements with particular frequencies of sound, Chakradancewill free the energy in your body and open you to a deeper experience of life. A healing dance/movement practice that draws on a fusion of philosophies and musical styles, Chakradanceaims to restore health to our chakras – the energy centers that, in Eastern traditions, are the gateways to integrating mind, body, and spirit.

In a darkened room, lit only by candlelight, we move with our eyes closed, and our attention turned inwards, for unlike most other dance practices, Chakradanceis about making a connection with our inner world – the world of our imagination, feelings, intuition, and senses.

Welcome to Chakradance. Come and explore. Have fun. Find meaning. Let go. Come and look deeper into each chakra, each part of you, and experience more within the dance that is uniquely yours.

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Experience the healing power of Chakradancein a small, safe group setting. Our ChakradanceFacilitators provide a sacred and nurturing space where you can surrender to your own experiences, become more in tune with your chakra system and activate your own inner healing. You will be guided into a different chakra each session with spontaneous dance, music pulsing to the energy of each chakra, guided imagery, meditation, and mandala art.

Introduction to Awakening

Introduction to Awakening is a 1.5-hour CHAKRADANCE program, ideal for those whose schedules change regularly and who can’t commit to our 8-week Awakening Cycle. It doesn’t go as deep as our Awakening Cycle does, but it’s still a powerful experience!

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8-Week Awakening Cycle

The Introduction to Chakradance™ Awakening Cycle introduces you to all of the chakras. In each of the first seven sessions of the 8-Week Cycle you will be guided through a different chakra with pulsing music encouraging spontaneous dance, combined with guided imagery, meditation, and mandala art. Our last session will help you integrate all of your work through the chakras.

These classes are deeply healing and help you to gain insights and clarity into your life. As your energy shifts and blocks dissolve, you will find yourself moving into more balanced states and feeling more energized and alive.

Repeat the cycle to continue shifting your energy into more and more positive realms and dissolving negative energy!

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1-Weekend Awakening Retreat in Beautiful Estes Park! 

Fly into Denver International Airport on Friday morning, March 10, and travel an hour and a half north to beautiful Estes Park. Get settled into your room and meet your roommates early in the afternoon. We’ll gather for a Meet & Greet and Welcome Meditation before enjoying dinner at the YMCA. You’ll also have the opportunity to add on a Reiki session that afternoon, if you’d like. After dinner, we’ll dance the first two chakras.

After breakfast on Saturday, we’ll gather to dance the next few chakras before lunch. The afternoon will be yours to spend however you’d like: you can go for a hike in the mountains, relax by the pool, head up to Rocky Mountain National Park, or opt for a Reiki session. Saturday evening, we’ll dance the final chakras and head to bed to allow our dreams to continue processing all we’ve experienced.

After breakfast on Sunday, we’ll dance the final Integration Dance, bringing together everything we’ve learned about ourselves. You’ll be able to relax for a bit or head out at your convenience after we’re done!

We’ll be staying at the beautiful YMCA of the Rockies in Estes Park. The simple lodge rooms sleep 4-6 participants in one queen bed and four twin bunk beds. Meals from Friday evening through Sunday morning will be included in our stay, too!

This all-inclusive weekend is only $399 – or $349 if you register before January 15!

Don’t miss this opportunity to experience the beauty of Chakradance in the grandeur of the Rocky Mountains!

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Rhythm for your soul

I thoroughly enjoyed the Chakradance session with Clarissa.  She is a wonderful facilitator.  She is sensitive and led us through the steps effortlessly.  I felt comfortable in her presence and I really loved the way the Chakradance experience allowed me to meditate and move with passion throughout.  The time passed so quickly and the experience was profound. I especially loved the music…. 🙂  Thanks, Clarissa, for making this experience available to us.  ~ Vanessa R.

Clarissa created an all-inclusive atmosphere that encouraged self-expression without infringing upon personal space.  That made this spontaneous movement exploration a more inviting journey for those who are being newly indoctrinated into this type of exercise.  I felt free and light at the end of the class.  Loved how the music progressed through the chakras.
~ Gina F.

I was not familiar with Chakradance prior to attending Clarissa’s class and now I’m hooked!  The way she guided the class was powerful and enlightening – unlike anything I have ever experienced before. I highly encourage you to give yourself the gift of this incredible experience and attend Clarissa’s class!!
~ Andi S.

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