Welcome to CONSTANTMOTIONFITNESS, the home of the BRAND NEW C4 TRAINING SYSTEMS & EDUCATION.  This comprehensive program guides student athletes through the rigorous college recruitment and application process. From group conditioning to sports-specific movement training, and from the PSAT to the Common App, C4 TRAINING SYSTEMS & EDUCATION is the all-inclusive approach to playing sports at the collegiate level.



Joe & Clarissa Constantine, Owners

We opened in early 2010, with Joe & Clarissa Constantine at the helm.  Our passion is helping others live healthy, injury-free lives.  Our programs are designed to help a wide variety of folks, from high school athletes to grandmothers who want to enjoy retirement to its fullest!

SPORTS PERFORMANCE is the name of the game for any athlete who wants to jump higher, hit harder, or run faster.

PROFESSIONAL EDUCATION PROGRAMS are designed for other health & fitness professionals who want to expand their knowledge and build their businesses.

HEALTH & FITNESS PROGRAMS serve a wide population, helping you bring out your inner (as of yet undiscovered, perhaps?) athlete and pushing you to live the healthiest life you can.

CORPORATE WELLNESS is more than just a catchy phrase: more and more companies are recognizing that healthy employees are productive employees.  CONSTANTMOTIONFITNESS works with companies like AMN Healthcare to provide a variety of resources, from on-site workouts to online wellness portals.

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