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Personal Trainers In Denver Colorado, Joe and Clarissa Constantine
Joe & Clarissa Constantine, Owners

As your personal trainers for the whole family in Denver, Colorado , we are proud to welcome you to Constant Motion Fitness, a family-owned operation established in 2010 to help others live healthy, injury-free lives.

All of our programs are designed to help athletes (and non-athletes!) of all ages and backgrounds experience better health and longevity.

We don’t just believe that the hip bone is connected to the leg bone; we also believe that the mind-body-spirit connection can’t be underestimated! It’s not uncommon for Coach Joe to get kinda nerdy with his youth athletes so they truly understand how and why a particular training process is crucial, nor is it unusual for Coach Clarissa to guide a client through a visualization before beginning a workout. We work to bridge the gaps that many other trainers leave open, bringing you a truly holistic health experience.

For more information about our body, mind, and spirit programs, contact Joe and Clarissa Constantine at Constant Motion Fitness, your personal trainers in Denver, Colorado: (720) 773-1263