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Personal Trainers In Denver Colorado at Constant Motion Fitness


Personal Trainers In Denver Colorado, Joe and Clarissa Constantine

Joe & Clarissa Constantine, Owners

As your personal trainers in Denver Colorado for kids, young athletes and the whole family we are proud to introduce you to Constant Motion Fitness, a family-owned operation that we established back in 2010 to help others live healthy, injury-free lives.

All of our programs are designs to help kids, young athletes and even soccer moms experience better health and longevity.

Joe and Clarissa Constantine are your personal trainers in Denver Colorado with Constant Motion Fitness, here is what they offer:

SPORTS PERFORMANCE is the name of the game for any athlete who wants to jump higher, hit harder, or run faster. Coach Joe Constantine brings a unique approach to training athletes. An athlete himself for most of his life, Coach Joe entered the professional world as a civil & structural engineer. After nearly 15 years building bridges and highways, Coach Joe decided to take his engineering experience and apply it to the body and branded himself as one of the top personal trainers in Denver Colorado for aspiring athletes. His athletes often see immediate results, sometimes as quickly as 15 minutes into the first session! Check out his video analysis and sign up to schedule yours!

PROFESSIONAL EDUCATION PROGRAMS are designed for other health & fitness professionals. If you’re a professional and you want to expand your knowledge we are here to help.

Constant Motion Fitness owner, Joe Constantine launched a comprehensive educational program for coaches and trainers in October 2015 that is widely recognized and applicable to training.

Constant Motion Fitness and our colleagues offer many programs that qualify for Continuing Education Credits. Check these out! KFit Kettlebells. Constant Motion Athletics. MedEx. Diet Terminator. Run Right. Victory Factor and more are offered by your personal trainers in Denver Colorado.

HEALTH & FITNESS PROGRAMS serve a wide population. Some people need help to bring out their inner (as of yet undiscovered, perhaps?) athlete. Others have already found their inner athlete and want to be better at their sport. Still others just want to move so they can live healthier lives. No matter what, we can help! As your personal trainers in Denver Colorado we offer Personal Training, Semi-Private Training, Group Training and more. We’ll even come to you and train you on site.

CORPORATE WELLNESS is more than just a catchy phrase: more and more companies recognize that healthy employees are productive employees.  Constant Motion Fitness has worked with companies like AMN Healthcare to support their employees’ health.

We can provide on-site workouts, online movement tracking, lunch-time health workshops, and more as your personal trainers in Denver Colorado.

For more information about our programs, on-site workouts and more, contact your personal trainers in Denver Colorado: (858) 922-5788

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